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Veg Tech is the leading company within vegetation technology in Scandinavia. We have been active since 1988. The head office and the production sites are situated in Sweden. Veg Tech has subsidaries in Finland and Denmark.

The illustration to the right shows some of our products. So far the green roof systems has been our biggest product with some 40.000 sqm beeing built each year all over Scandinavia.

In this pdf-folder you can find a summary of our activities:
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• Vision:
– To be the leading company within vegetation solutions and the first choice of prescribers and end users.
• Business idea:
– To work together with the construction and property market in Scandinavia to create financially and environmentally optimal vegetation solutions for buildings, ground and water.


Sedumtak SEB i Stockholm
Green roof.

Roof garden.

Hammarby sjöstad